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Montecito Neighbor_Apr2022_378x283.png

Montecito Neighbor | April 2022

Equestrian Rebecca Atwater

Rebecca Atwater is a lifelong Montecitan and first-class horse trainer. Her brainchild is Santa Barbara Stables, which was founded to provide a supportive, peaceful and attentive

program that emphasizes safety and fun...

The Independent_July2009_crop.png

The Independent | July 2009

UCSB Gets an Equestrian Team

“Every day I play and I work and I can't really distinguish the two,“ said Rebecca Atwater, enviably expressing her passion for her career as a professional horse trainer. Atwater, who has been the hunter/jumper trainer at...

SB News Press_July2008_4web.png

Santa Barbara News Press | July 2008

Good Horse Sense

It’s an overcast Friday afternoon at Amapola Ranch in the foothills, and Rebecca Atwater is standing in the center of a ring as five of her top students ride in circles around her. “Your chest is open, your shoulders are rolling...


Montecito Journal | August 2006

Looking Back and Forward

For horse trainer Rebecca Atwater, being on the back of a horse comes as naturally as walking, in fact for her riding came before walking. “We put her on a horse when she was a baby,” says her mom, Regina Atwater...

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